Any Well, Bore or Site drilled/excavated into the subsurface dictates that engineers behave ethically , safely and with a focus that delivers sustainable resources to the market. At PetroStars® we have the experience to help you reach these goals and see that optimum performance can be only achieved by continual operational excellence. Through our services and divisions you will find not only standard products, but a sustainable commitment to environmental excellence. Our personnel have proven operator experience from Super Major, NOC to Small Independents and are willing to train, share and sustain. 

Our Services & Capabilities: 

At all stages of a project subsurface & well engineering disciplines are required. At PetroStars® we go one step further , by bringing experience & a conscious awareness that we are always learning from operations: 

Integrated Petroleum Consulting and Geoscience Services for Asset Management, E&P Partners and Tailored Projects

Individual well, Field based, regional integrated and individual interpretation services for:

  • Development Geology & Geoscience support, projects and guidance
  • Reservoir Engineering and CPR
  • Exploration Geology - Exploration Geoscience and Play Based Exploration Studies & Analysis
  • Geophysics - 2D and 3D seismic structural and stratigraphic interpretation, Rock Physics, 4D interpretation and modelling
  • Operations Geology and PDDP delivery support 
  • Geostatistics and Advanced Geological Property Modelling
  • Petrophysics - Bespoke services for formation evaluation, routine/special core analysis, facies, rock typing, saturation height modeling
  • Image log analysis - Structural and stratigraphic interpretation, fracture and fault analysis
  • Geomechanics - Wellbore Stability & Pressure Prediction with Advanced Drilling Engineering for Well Control
  • Production Technology- Due Diligence, Hydraulic fracture performance evaluation, Sand risk assessment and Tubing Design