PetroStars® SDC - Sustainable Drilling Corporation is here to provide a stable, safe, reliable and responsible future for the oil & gas industry.

Consider unique "Deep Water Knowledge" or a track record of 400+ wells around the world: this can only carry weight if the operations truly lead to sustained production, environmental excellence and sustainable local economies. Many larger corporations propose environmental standards but our question to you is: have they stopped the challenges from NGOs?

We are here to Source, Plan, Initiate, Feed, Design, Deliver, Produce, Maintain and Decommission. Contact us to see how you can be the next standard bearer for responsible & sustainable operations.

Our Experts are here to open the true door of innovation and answer the question: how can we help build and protect America's coastline and ensure that Oil & Gas facilities are decommissioned safely? We see a future of Tidal Power, Marine Sancturies and lower Carbon Foot print E&P. Meanwhile, we will be helping local people work for their communities rather than faceless foreign corporations. 

Many competitors will promise top quartile results and high dividends. While they may have swish presentations & numbers to show, when they are put under difficult market conditions they have no plan that supports the wider industry.  At PetroStars® we commit to our people by ensuring that, if it's not economic, we will help them directly find alternative employment through our unique partnerships. PetroStars® SDC - Integrity, Loyalty & Trust is Everything. 

We are also open to operators and joint partnerships to pick up oil and gas wells and rigs and help in getting the industry back on its feet. If you are an operator or investor who believes in the ethical approach offered by PetroStars® SDC then we would like to talk and make a difference! 

PetroStars® SDC  is a Delaware C Corp which is registered with Harvard Business Services Inc, Lewes, DE