Well Integrity, Geomechanics,Storage Integrity, Ethical Data Aquisition; Geothermal & Mining, Risk Assessments & Geohazards, Oil&Gas Equipment & Logitsics

Any Well, Bore or Site drilled/excavated into the subsurface dictates that engineers behave ethically , safely and with a focus that delivers sustainable resources to the market. At PetroStars® we have the experience to help you reach these goals and see that optimum performance can be only achieved by continual operational excellence. Through our services and divisions you will find not only standard products, but a sustainable commitment to environmental excellence. 

Our Standard Services & Capabilities:

At all stages of a project subsurface & well engineering disciplines are required. At PetroStars® we go one step further , by bringing experience & a conscious awareness that we are always learning from operations.  For all applications from geothermal, hydrogen, water wells to high temperature gas condensate reservoirs. Exploration, Production Geosciences & Engineering are the bases for our integrated discipline approach. 


We Provide :

Advanced Well, Tubing and Pipe Line Design & Assessment

Integrated Operations and Equipment Management - Logistics & Well Services

Cementing , Drilling & Completion and Reservoir Stimulation Subject Matter Expertise

Operations Monitoring - Pore Pressure, Operations Geology & Wellsite Supervision

Wellbore Stability & Pressure Prediction with Advanced Drilling Engineering for Well Control

Ethical Data Assessment - Have you got the right data ?, Are you going to get the right data ?

Exploration Geoscience and Play Based Exploration Studies & Analysis

Producing Asset Technical Assurance - FDP, Depletion Planning, Decommissioning de-risking

Our provision includes Feed, Reserves Audits and Due Diligence services for M&A and D&A deals.

Unconventional & Civil Engineering Approaches for Mines, Energy Stores and Leaking Oil & Gas Fields

Expert Witness Services & Due Diligence Reporting