Portfolio Launch August 2016

PetroStars UK Ltd. - Together Changing the Way the World's Oil & Gas Consultancy Works

Today we are excited to share the very first release of the PetroStars UK Limited company portfolio. PetroStars vision to create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce is not changing and our members will always come first.
Our company delivers a new breed of engineers and Innovators to the Energy, Raw Materials & Environmental Sectors. Our foundation is truly valuing personnel's experiences and development and delivering on our promises. We are owned and managed by UK & Swiss innovators with almost 25 years of experience in the oil and gas sectors with a mission to harmonise industries. 

The PetroStars goal to drive value for our members and our customers, uniquely allows us to keep Growing, Investing, and Innovating. Our members will continue to develop their skills, find a job and be great in their role, using our platform. We will continue to help our customers hire top talent, receiving the best quality consultancy services, enhancing everyone's reputation for excellence. 

The PetroStars you know and value is only going to get better. PetroStars will retain its distinct brand, culture, and independence. We’ve been changing the way the world’s professionals have connected to opportunities for 1 year now, and this is an opportunity for us to truly change the way the worlds’ & gas consultancy works on an even bigger scale.
We are incredibly energized by what this means for our team and future employees, and from our personal perspective , we encourage you to read our company portfolio.


ISSU - COMPANY PORTFOLIO   http://issuu.com/petrostars/docs/petrostars_uk_ltd._company_portfoli?e=25894631/38220995