PetroStars® - Time and time again in the UK North Sea we are all being told that the market conditions are poor, yet no one really has cut their operating costs, nor is there a visible difference to the new technology implementation levels needed to make the vision of Sir Ian Wood and overcome the reality that UK needs to be self-sustaining its industries.

Considering the vast upside with small fields, missed NFE and the promising momentum of the 29th and 30th rounds coming - isn't it time that Independent and Small Oil& Gas companies got value for money and had a straightforward access to vessels rather than the flogged horse of the current rig market and unaffordable FPSO economics?

The report in May from, clearly indicates the size of the prize.

Having access to the economic models of the UKCS and Norwegian market shows us clearly that the high prices of PSA's, pipelines degrading assets and retro-fitted rigs are preventing the sea change that UK OIL PLC needs. Why spend 300M USD on retrofitting a drillship to hold produced fluids when - for 50-150M USD you can have a multipurpose vessel to operate, produce and decommission all in one.

The hull design can maintain stability in any North Sea weather conditions and hold 2Million Barrels of liquids. (Approved by ABS, DNV).

So we are calling for LOI from Small Operators in the North Sea who need a low cost, flexible all year round uptime solution to drill, test, produce. At PetroStars® we have unique access to one of the leading industry Multi-Purpose Semi-Submersible designs and builds in the world from Seaways Engineering International, Inc. In tandem, we also can fit the full FEED, FDP and Decom plans in with our industry leading engineers from PetroStars SRS & PetroStars SDC, Inc to ensure the best sustainable and safe operations all year and all lifecycle. 

As a key enabler for Seaways Engineering International, Inc. we are going to bring the best design in the world to UK shipyards - are you ready to bring employment back to the Clyde, the Tyne or Liverpool and bring your investors the returns they need?

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