Welcome Kinga - Experienced Geophysicist

PetroStars® is pleased to welcome Kinga Wróblewksa to our team of uniquely experienced Associates.  Kinga has been performing regional scale projects and in individual fields and prospects studies with 18 years of seismic interpretation experience, predominantly in the challenging structural domains of the North Sea basin, European Permian - Mesozoic Basin, reservoirs in the Carpathian Foreland, reservoirs of the Pannonian Basin, seismic interpretation studies including North Africa, South Asia, Vietnam and Falkland’s basins. Working in clastic and carbonate environment and conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon plays (shale and tight reservoir).Strong technical insight of seismic interpretation, reservoir characterization, AVO and acoustic impedance analysis, velocity modelling and seismic processing. Defining new prospects and delineating existing reservoirs. Working with the Reservoir Integrated Management Team.Highly experienced user of Petrel packages, HIS Kingdom, Hampson Russell- CGG Veritas, Icon RokDoc, Landmark, Dug and OpendTect.