Diala Beinke - SME & Principle RE

PetroStars® is very proud to announce the appointment of an industry leader, Diala Beinke, as associated Principle Reservoir Engineer & SME for Project Assurance & Reserves Management. 

Diala has established her career for over 10years as a highly accomplished Petroleum/Reservoir Engineer, Leader and Strategist, developed from most notably with oil and gas supergiants and leaders in safety, Chevron Corporation. Diala takes pride in the consistent delivery of a broad range of high-quality deliverables with integrity, regardless of the project or field complexity. An aspiring and passionate “all-rounder”, tirelessly aiming to combine diplomacy and professionalism, with ethical and sound business decisions.  Diala will be helping us to build market leading reputation for engineering, asset management and sustainability.  In addition to her primary role, Diala as Vice Chair of our Non-Profit will also help us to deliver real philanthropy where people are treated with care, compassion and integrity.