Want to control how much energy really is needed in the world? Fed up with fake social care from Big Oil? Also fed up of Renewables being far too weak and not really honouring the need to be cheap & reliable? Are you worried about you Gas bill and whether your winter support payments will cover it? Take aim at the complete Energy market - PetroStars are launching NVX - its aim is to use #Ethereum and Pure Blockchain to revolutionise Energy Exploration, Production and Sustainability for the good of Society. Profits will go into Social Community based projects in the United Kingdom, Europe & the United States. Funding - ETH and FIAT currencies. For the UK we are going to enable blockchain for supplying clean energy to the NHS whilst ensuring that North Sea operations reduce the price Society has to pay for Gas. Time to #disrupt . Communities need to own Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Geothermal rather than outdated, outmoded poorly integrated corporations and ineffective NGO's. For Example - South Africa's Water Shortage in Cape Town could be avoided if Block Chain was harnessed to pay for low-cost desalination plants to be built along the coast. contact petrostar's via marketing@petrostars.com for further details.